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The Course de l'Escalade takes place on a winding and hilly course in the old town of Geneva.

Please go to the specific pages for the course of the Duke's Race, the Walking and Nordic Walking.

Distances of the Course de l'Escalade ranges from 1,885 km to 7,248 km depending on the category.

Course Categorie Distance  
All the races     see map
1A Poussins A + B
Poussines A + B
1km885 see map

Ecoliers A + B
Ecolières A + B
Cadettes A + B

2km326 see map
2B Cadets A + B
Women Junior
to Women VI
4km787 see map
3B Men Junior
to Men VI
7km248 see map
C Marmites Youth and Adult 3km420 see map